A Letter to My Future Husband..

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Dear Future Husband,

I know that you are probably out in the world trying to figure yourself out. You’re probably feeling lost right now or maybe you are happy. I hope that you are happy. If you aren’t l pray that when you are feeling down that you get back up and keep going. I hope you know that I too have my bad days.

I’m sure that life has knocked you down a few times. I’m sure that you’ve had your heart-broken and I am sure that you’ve broken a few hearts yourself. Life is preparing you for me and life is preparing me for you. I’m not sure if we have ever met before and if we have I am sure that when we do meet again we will be our best selves.

I am currently working on myself.  I have a lot of issues that I need to deal with. I also have a lot of goals that I would like to reach.  It would be wonderful to build with you but I am also not whole yet. I honestly know that everything is going to work out for you because the man who I will marry will be equally yoked with me. We will both be ambitious and we will be a power couple.

When two people meet they should be whole and happy within themselves. I am working on being the best me Physically, mentally, and spiritually and I hope you are doing the same. Don’t rush to be with me until you are prepared. Go to God and pray for me like I’m praying for you.

I promise that I won’t take you for granted and that I will be the best woman who I could be and I know that you will do the same.

I will be praying for your well-being and when we get married I will show you this and smile knowing that my prayers somehow helped you get through in life. We will smile knowing that even though we weren’t together physically, we were connected spiritually.


I love you,


Your future wife



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