In 2018 We Are…

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Investing More

I am making a commitment to investing more. Investing in myself more, businesses, stocks, and education. We tend to spend money on un important things such as clothes, going out to eat, partying, and etc. I’m not saying to stop doing those things I am suggesting that we spend some of the money we us for having fun into investing in our future. What we do in our 20s will help us in the future.

Owning Properties

I really would like to see more black ownership. I know that it’s hard especially with student loans, but I believe that it is very important to own something.


Traveling More

I believe that traveling is very important for personal growth. It humbles me in so many ways. I enjoy learning about other people’s cultures and learning how others thinks. The funniest thing to me is that even though we are so different we are really all the same. You don’t have to travel internationally because you can travel domestically as well. The United States is a beautiful country with a lot of diversity.


Loving each other More

Let’s send more love out to each other. Let’s help each other grow and build. If we can do one positive thing for someone every day that could make a difference. Let’s share love and be love.


Having Healthier Relationships

I’ve been enough unhealthy relationships to know what I do not want. Unhealthy relationships include family, friends, and significant others. I want to be uplifted and motivated. If someone is talking down on your dreams, goals, or your current state then that’s an unhealthy relationship. Relationships need to be uplifting and as I know people are not perfect I need the people around me to be self-aware and working to improve themselves. I have my faults but I am constantly trying to be better and to love better and I will be around those same types of people. Remove yourself from people who are constantly trying to bring up your past and faults as they will only tear you down. Let’s have healthier

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