Loving On Yourself

I’ve always heard about loving yourself. No one ever really told me what it meant. I always thought it meant knowing that you’re attractive, spoiling yourself, and being comfortable in the skin that you are in.

Loving yourself goes even deeper than that. I always knew that I was lucky in life. Scratch that. I was always BLESSED. It seemed like God always looked out for me.

I never gave myself credit. I always blamed it on because this person helped me, because God, because of “this”.

I had to go back and realize that it was because of them yes but also it’s because of ME! I made accomplishments because I chose to make the decision that I’ve made, I chose to love God, I chose to seek help from other, I chose to work hard. I chose to be great. I always discredited myself.

I am the bomb. No really I am. I am an amazing and smart person. I would always hear it from others but I didn’t believe it. WHY? Because I didn’t believe it myself.

I did not believe that I was smart or that I was anything special. I always thought I was regular who God just blessed.

No I am amazing. I have to stop putting my own self down. I am now realizing that I am amazing because of the choices that I made in my past. I am now more confident and self-aware. IMG_2705.jpg

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