It was the betrayal that blessed me


Sometimes we don’t see the blessing during the storm but trust me the sun will shine again.

I’ve noticed that every time I was betrayed it was wasn’t necessarily unexpected. It wasn’t like I didn’t see the red signs I just ignored them. When you ignore the red signs It will get so bad that you will have no choice but to let go.

 However, once you fully let go you will be blessed in so many ways. It’s a beautiful reality. You are capable of so much and not everyone is meant to join this beautiful new chapter of yours. There are times when I’m like wow I wish they could’ve joined this with me or been here to witness this. That’s my good heart talking when I think like that. Why else would I even want someone who’ve betrayed me or hurt me to enjoy the happiness and blessings that I have? It’s because I don’t carry around hate in my heart. I’m happy knowing that after everything I’m still able to love others and want happiness for everyone around me and those who were previously around me. I wish them all the best. Friends, family, and previous relationships.

Those that hurt me are the ones who helped me grow the most. I appreciate and I love them all for helping me reach my full potential and I’m not even done yet.

The betrayal like it or not was all apart of your journey in life.



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