1. Put yourself out there

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It is important that you put yourself out there. Go explore and meet new people. Tell people what you want to accomplish. You never know who that person knows or how they could help you. If you don’t put yourself out there then how will you ever accomplish your goals and dreams

2. Get in Shape

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When you get older your metabolism will start to slow down. While you are in your twenties it is important that you get in the best shape of your life. Keep yourself up because it will get harder as you get older and busier.

3. Take Risks

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This is the perfect time to take risks and make mistakes because at this age people are expecting you to do so anyways. If you aren’t married or have any children this makes it even easier. It’s easier for you to bounce back if you fail miserably.


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Traveling while you are young and able is important because as time passes you may be tied down to more responsibilities. Don’t worry about the money because money comes and goes but memories last forever. Traveling is also important for self-growth

5.Be Selfish

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There’s nothing wrong with being selfish in your twenties because at this age we have no idea what we are doing anyways.  We can’t help people if we are unable to help ourselves. This is the time where it is perfectly fine to make sure that YOU are good first.

6. Leave Your Comfort Zone

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I am a strong believer in ” Great things never came from comfort zones”. You will never know what you are fully capable of until you leave your comfort zone.  It’s easy to be comfortable. When you are uncomfortable you will have no choice but to grow. Growing is the best part of life. Please don’t let yourself be ordinary be the BEST you that you can be.


7. Fall in Love and Get your heartbroken

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Falling in love is wonderful and magical and being heartbroken is devastating.  Although they are completely different feelings the both release the power in you.  When you are in love you feel like you can accomplish anything. You feel like everything is so magical and amazing. When you’re heartbroken you seem to focus more or yourself growth and goals than ever before.  Both feelings will inspire you to be better and do better. You also learn a lot about yourself in the process.

8. Learn to be ok with not being okay

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It is perfectly okay to not be okay with your life or situation. Everyone has those moments. If you’re not okay tell someone. You do not have to go through it alone. I guarantee that you’re not alone and it’s perfectly normal.



” God placed the best things in life on the other side of your fears”


I’ve always been very cautious in life, well kind of sort of lol, I have always been scared of failure.  I’m telling you that FAILURE was my worst nightmare. I would literally run away if I sensed that I could.

Two years ago my company gave my coworkers and I over 20 cities to choose from and we only had 2 days to decide.  After we chose a place we had ONE WEEK to move and to start our new position in a new city.

Do you know how terrified I was to have to move all of my things by myself across the country ALONE? I have never lived on my own ever. I was terrified.

I decided to move to California. I could’ve moved somewhere closer but I thought to myself “if I was going to move I might as well go big”.

As soon as I got on the plane I cried. I was finally leaving my comfort zone. No more being dependent on my family and friends. Now it was time for me to grow up.

Living here so far has been very challenging and rewarding at the same time. I’ve dealt with some really hard times to the point where I wanted to give up and just leave. I have gained so much confidence in myself. I am always overcoming fears. I am so amazed on how I am pushing forward and learning myself.

Most people come here and leave when things get tough but I am going to keep pushing forward. It’s easy to go back home instead of being in California with no support system but I feel like I’m here for a reason. Once I figure that out I will be ready for my next adventure!


Fear will not defeat me.



I have a daily alarm clock to remind me to read my daily affirmation. I  believe in the power of your thoughts and tongue. I am working on putting positives thoughts out in the universe so I can receive them back into my life.

I am constantly evolving so I tweak it along the way.


Today I will be a positive force in the worlds. In order for the world to change I must change within myself. Instead of responding to negativity with anger, I will respond with positivity.

My energy is important to the world/universe. I must make sure that I am positive as this world needs healing.  I will forgive and respond to people with positivity and kindness.

I am a positive force and a loving person. I will spread love to this world and I will become a positive force and reach my full potential. The power has always and will always be in me. I will smile to today and remember that I am a PHENOMENAL woman. I am truly gifted and inspiring.

Only today defines me. The only person I should constantly be pleasing is God. I trust in the lord that what is meant to be will be. God has something amazing for me.

Today I choose to be an expression of good, joy, peace, and love.