My Daily Morning Affirmation.

I have a daily alarm clock to remind me to read my daily affirmation. I  believe in the power of your thoughts and tongue. I am working on putting positives thoughts out in the universe so I can receive them back into my life.

I am constantly evolving so I tweak it along the way.


Today I will be a positive force in the world. In order for the world to change I must change within myself. Instead of responding to negativity with anger, I will respond with positivity.

My energy is important to the world/universe. I must make sure that I am positive as this world needs healing.  I will forgive and respond to people with positivity and kindness.

I am a positive force and a loving person. I will spread love to this world and I will become a positive force and reach my full potential. The power has always and will always be in me. I will smile to today and remember that I am a PHENOMENAL woman. I am truly gifted and inspiring.

Only today defines me. The only person I should constantly be pleasing is God. I trust in the lord that what is meant to be will be. God has something amazing for me.

Today I choose to be an expression of good, joy, peace, and love.